MYK Silk vs Slip Silk Pillowcases

MYK and Slip silk pillowcases

Disclaimer: I was provided with free product in exchange for my honest review. All thoughts and opinions are my own and are not influenced by the developing company and/or its affiliates in any way.

I’m just going to open this by saying I love silk. As a general statement, regardless of what kind. Did you know you can use spider silk to pack a wound? But I digress.

Before I go into the reviews of the comparisons, allow me to dive into some details about why I love silk pillowcases:
– It’s a natural fiber (vs the satin weave that’s just made from polyester)- making it more sustainable and eco-conscious
– It’s not as absorbent as other materials, so it keeps my wavy-curls and my face healthy and moisturized (bonus on the skin front since I run dry)
– The slippery material helps keep my curls defined for multi-day hair and reduces frictions, which means less damage (no breakage or split ends from manipulation damage.) It also doesn’t tug at the delicate skin on my face, which, *fingers crossed*, should help me avoid wrinkles
– Both pillowcases are pure mulberry silk- meaning they are breathable, durable, and chemical-free. The breathable feature is especially nice for those that tend to get hot while sleeping (i.e. the furnaces that I call my husband and daughter)

Now let’s get into the breakdown.


Slip– $85 for Queen Size and $105 for King Size, all 22 momme
MYK– Starts at $17.99 for a Standard Size, cotton underside, 19 momme and goes all the way through $43.99 for a King Size, double sided, 25 momme
The momme is the weight of the silk. Higher momme means it’s more durable, smoother, and thicker. You may prefer a thinner material or thicker depending on your desired use.

Obviously big price difference. I had a Pottery Barn gift card and waited until there was a good coupon to buy the Slip pillowcase. If I didn’t have the gift card, I probably just would have stuck to the satin pillowcases I had been using. BUT, I’m glad I did try it because silk is so much better. MYK was nice enough to gift me a pillowcase to try in comparison.

I do appreciate that MYK comes in with the options. I love that there is a cheaper option by selling pillowcases that are silk on one side and cotton on the other. You only need one side to sleep on anyways, right? And the cotton side helps the pillowcase stay put on the bed. Point for MYK.


The MYK pillowcase is 19 momme and the Slip is 22 momme. When I’m holding them sans pillow, based on momme alone, the Slip should feel heavier and smoother. Rubbing it with my hands, it does feel slightly smoother- but surprisingly, it feels thinner. I don’t know if my mind is being tricked by the slightly silkier feeling, or if it’s being tricked in the opposite direction by the cotton backing on the MYK, but the Slip feels airier. Once I put the pillowcases on pillows, the difference was much smaller, but still Slip had the win.


If you’re the parent of a curly kid, MYK has toddler sized pillowcases. My kid has stick straight hair so I haven’t tested it out, but I feel like a pillowcase would probably be easier than convincing a 4 year old to keep on a silk scarf or bonnet while they sleep. Half point for MYK since it’s just theoretical.

I hand wash these both with Woolite and both always turn out super wrinkle-y after I hang them to dry. If I actual bother to use my steam iron on them (busy mom, not always a priority), the MYK usually stays wrinkle free for a little longer. Given that I always make the bed, I don’t really mind if one gets wrinkles more easily. If that bothers you, the Slip may not be for you.

Slip comes with options of a zip closure or envelope. While the envelope closure doesn’t always stay all the way closed with such a slick pillowcase, I like not having to worry about a zipper jamming or breaking.

Final Thoughts

Some of you may be trying to figure out if you need to switch from your cotton pillowcase. Even if you’re sleeping with your hair in a buff/bonnet/scarf, you still want to sleep on a slippery pillowcase so that it doesn’t pull off the protection you’re wearing and it’s better for your skin. I’d suggest silk over synthetic satin for eco-conscious reasons alone.

And now the moment you’ve all been waiting for…
The winner is…
MYK Silk!

If money is not a concern for you, I genuinely love the Slipsilk. I really do. But if I was choosing what to pay for out of pocket, I don’t think I could justify the differences between the two for the price difference. The MYK Silk pillowcase is a great product and is affordable. If the Slip was really double as good for double the price it would be different, but I don’t think it’s THAT noticeable.

Use code SANA15 for 15% off of the entire MYK website. If you feel like being a little luxurious, the 25 momme pillowcase is their top of the line pillowcase and I personally love silk scrunchies since I can still tie them tighter on my wavy-curls without it tugging or creasing my hair.

Yes, I am aware that this video comes off as a clip video. But the original was 8.5 minutes long and nobody needs to see me talk for that long about pillowcases.
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