All About Curls Product Line Review- Pt. 2

Disclaimer: I was provided with free product from Influenster and Zotos Professionals in exchange for my honest review. All thoughts and opinions are my own and are not influenced by the developing company and/or its affiliates in any way. 

Don’t forget to check out pt. 1 to see my reviews of the initial launch- No Lather Cleanser, Lo-Lather Cleanser, Daily Cream Conditioner, Divine Treatment, Soft Definition Gel, High Definition Gel, Boosting Foam, and Bouncy Cream!

Price point: Same as before. Cheap! $9.99 for everything except the mask which is $11.99 (available at Sally Beauty Supply.)
General notes: 
– Free of SLS/SLES sulfates, silicones, gluten, and parabens.
– The Curls For Days Finishing Spray is NOT CG. First ingredient is Alcohol Denat.
– Not tested on animals
– Scented, but the scent doesn’t linger when applied to wet hair.

Starting with the Products in the Deluxe Moisture Kit-

No-Lather Cleanser

Still like it. More thoughts on it can be found in pt. 1.

Quenched Cream Conditioner

Still has the jasmine smell that matches the other conditioning products, but not the protein. So while I generally love protein-free or low protein products (I’m not sure if the Argania Spinosa Kernel Oil in this is a light protein? But that would be the only protein if it is one), this product is a bit too buttery for my waves. For someone with coarse, curlier hair, this would likely be great. I had to use it sparingly, emulsified with a lot of water. I prefer the Daily Cream Conditioner.

Luxe Leave-In

Still has a jasmine-y scent. It has the same kernel oil as the Quenched Conditioner, but unlike that product this is a lightweight leave in. The slip on it is better than the Daily Cream Conditioner and the Quenched Conditioner by far (neither are particularly great for slip.) So if you need some help detangling, this is my favorite of the line for that purpose. While I’ll likely just stick to leaving in some of the Daily Cream Conditioner, this will be a great option for finer hair that needs a lighter leave in. If you’re the type that gets glycer-frizz, be warned that this does have glycerin as the 4th ingredient.

Taming Cream

This is my favorite of the new releases! The smell reminds me of perfume mixed with a hint of jasmine. The smell is somewhat like the Bouncy Cream, but a little more jasmine-like. But in my opinion, this cream works MUCH better than the Bouncy Cream. This is also fairly high in glycerin though, so I’d make sure to lock it in with a gel to avoid frizz. It does a good job of moisturizing my hair, so especially in the winter when I’m more likely to use a cream in lieu of a leave in, this fits that bill well. Be mindful that it can get a bit heavy if you use too much, so I’d start with less emulsified with water since you don’t want to be stuck with weighed down hair until next wash. I did use a coupon that they sent with the kit to buy the full size bottle of this item.


Curls for Days Finishing Spray

While it was not in the kit, I did pick up the finishing spray to try. To note, this is NOT CG because the first ingredient is Alcohol Denat. which is a drying alcohol. That being said, there are still no silicones or anything like that, so if you’re fine with the alcohol, it is still water soluble. It basically smelled like you’d expect hairspray to smell- like alcohol and perfume. And in all honesty, it felt like any random other non-aerosol spray bottle of hairspray I have ever used before. I’ve never been big into hairspray because I hate it when my hair feels sticky or product-y, so I did end up returning this one. But if you’re a hairspray lover and just looking for one with better ingredients, this may be just the product you’ve been waiting for.

Did I miss anything? What other questions do you have on these products?

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