Easy Mousse Refresh Spray

If you need a more intense refresh, check out my How I Refresh post. But if you’re just looking for something quick and easy to tame some light frizz and to revive curls that are falling flat, this one is for you! All you need is a spray bottle (I prefer a flairosol bottle), some water, and some mousse!

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Step 1- I turn the water on first so that it can warm up. I don’t particularly like to waste water, but warm water is important for two reasons. 1. It helps dissolve the mousse better and 2. Since my hair is low porosity, warm water is necessary for it to absorb into my hair. Cold water will just sit on top of my hair and make it frizzy.

Step 2- Add a squirt of mousse into your bottle. Since my hair doesn’t absorb cold water well, I only make a little bit of this at a time. If your hair does fine with colder/room temp water, feel free to make more!

Step 3- Add an equal amount of warm water to the bottle.

Step 4- Shake it up!

Step 5- Spray and smooth your hair.

If you saw my instagram stories the other day, you’ll have noticed that this mixture basically turns clear after day 1. While I don’t tend to use the leftovers as a curl refresher, it works great to tame little flyaways. I use it on my daughter’s straight hair even and it doesn’t get too sticky. Also great for if I’m putting my hair up and want some help smoothing down some pieces.

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