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Innersense Harmonic Healing Oil

**Before I start- I will always note if posts are of products that were gifted. To date I have not been an affiliate to any brands, so I am not making any money off of these posts. These products were NOT gifted.**

A while back, Renée had posted about a set of Innersense items being available for a steal from The Detox Market. I had been hearing such good things about the brand that I jumped on the opportunity to give it a try. The bundle included 5 items: Pure Harmony Hairbath, Pure Inspiration Daily Conditioner, Sweet Spirit Leave-In Conditioner, Hydrating Hair Masque, and Harmonic Healing Oil.

General thoughts before jumping into individual items:

– Organic, not tested on animals, and eco-friendly (some products are vegan, not all, but even non-vegan are sustainably sourced)
– Safe for color treated hair
– Gluten free
– Everything smells AMAZING. Not overpowering, I’m sensitive to scents. Just SO GOOD.
– Can be a bit pricey (worth it since you’re paying for quality and sustainably sourced ingredients, but cost may be prohibitive)
– Very protein heavy (which is a con for my hair, but not for everyone)

Pure Harmony Hairbath

This is a liquid-y cleanser that’s on the more cleansing side, which is a-okay for my wavy hair. If you are a co-wash only type of person, I wouldn’t suggest it. If you love low-poos, this is the product you’re looking for. I honestly don’t have any strong feelings on this product one way or the other. It’s not my favorite cleanser in the world. I don’t hate it. But the SMELL. It’s got a citrusy, yet lightly herby scent to it that’s fantastic. Even if my hair hated it I would use up the bottle of this product because the smell is that good. I’m going to be really bummed when I run out because it makes my shower smell like a spa for a few minutes.

Pure Inspiration Daily Conditioner

This is where we get into the territory of the proteins being a problem for me. The conditioner is a lighter-weight product. So for those who have finer hair that protein can help provide the much needed structure, but your hair gets weighed down easily- you’ll love this. Smell is fantastic- citrus and floral. Even my pre-schooler loves the smell of it. Has a decent amount of slip, but not as much as my trusty GVP Conditioning Balm. Unfortunately my coarser, moisture loving strands don’t love it. It’s a good thing my daughter loves the smell because the rest of it will be getting used up on her.

Sweet Spirit Leave In

See the description for the Conditioner. This is a very watery product, so it’s PERFECT for refreshes if you need protein. It also has some slip to it, so I’ve actually used it to help detangle my daughter’s hair when her hair isn’t too tangled. But same thing applies for smell, proteins, etc. Smells a little more of lavender and a little less of citrus.

Hydrating Hair Mask

Again, see Conditioner remarks, but just more intense since it’s a mask. This has been perfect for the weeks when my daughter has been in a chlorinated pool multiple times. I have mixed this with a protein free deep conditioner for myself to give a small boost of protein, the smell blends nicely with the Jessicurl Deep Treatment in the scent Citrus Lavender.

Harmonic Healing Oil

I LOVE this product, hence it being the picture. Use it for scalp massages, to scrunch out the crunch, on dry cuticles, or anywhere that you need the extra moisturizing boost. The smell is spa-like, it absorbs quickly, and isn’t too heavy. I highly suggest following the directions on the bottle and sniffing it after your rub it between your hands before applying it. You will not regret taking that 5 seconds for yourself. It makes my Favorite Products list and I’m sure I will re-purchase once I’m out of it. I don’t use it as a pre-poo, not because it can’t be used that way, but because I don’t want to waste the incredible smell on something I’m going to wash out in half an hour.

Have you tried these products and have feedback? Any major points I missed? Comment and let me know!

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