Finger Coiling for Wavy Hair

Sana's hair after getting brushed out and then after refreshing it

A technique used to help train your curls


Because sometimes we have curls that just don’t like to curl as much, sometimes they need help clumping together, and other times it’s just the easiest way to apply a slippery and watery product


Start with wet hair, either from washing or just by rewetting. Using a product with good slip (in the video I’m using Biotera Alcohol Free Styling Gel, but I often do this with my homemade Flaxseed Gel and Okra Gel because they can be messy to apply other ways) apply to a section and then gently twirl that section around your finger. If you are wavy-curly like me, do not twirl these too tight! If your fingers start sticking at all, add more water/product to your fingers to keep it smooth.

You should always make your sections based off of where your natural curl clumps are. Basically if you have to fight your hair to part where you’re trying to part it, drop it and pick up an area that parts easily. If you’re trying to figure out how large of clumps you should be twirling a good rule of thumb is “no larger than your curl.” A lot of us in the wavy category have a wider curl- unlike our curlier counter parts whose curls would spiral around a Sharpie or even a pencil. So if the “barrel” of your curl is about 1″, you should be taking about 1″ sections to twirl.

Once you’ve done your entire head, make sure your hands are damp and then give it a final scrunch. Dry your hair in whichever way you normally do- I generally prefer to air dry.

Feel free to comment below and let me know how it works for you!

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