Do you need a curly cut?

Sana hanging her wet hair sideways

So you are wavy like me and trying to figure out if you need a curly cut.

Yes and no. I know, I’m so helpful.

You want someone who knows curls that can give you the shape you want. They should be able to look at your hair while it’s dry and fix some of the wonky pieces (we all have them whether your wavy or full on curly.) Someone who is experienced in curls should also be able to take a look at some of your pieces that don’t curl as well and trim them accordingly so that they either curl up better, or at least don’t stick out so much. I have straighter pieces on my under layers that I have them trim shorter so that they don’t poke out noticeably as my hair grows out.

Where the no part of the answer comes in- you don’t necessarily want a full on “curl by curl” cut since on your waves it may end up looking choppier than you desire. Depends on your hair though and how the shape would come out with a “normal” hair cut. The back of my hair is pretty wavy with the front having more curls. So you also want someone that can assess shrinkage so they don’t cut your hair way too short especially for those curlier pieces. I generally get haircuts that start off as a dry cut, and then get some of it trimmed up wet. But the best shape has come from stylists that know curls. I know wavies that swear by wet cuts and some that swear by dry, unfortunately it’s trial and error.

So while I don’t think you necessarily need a full-on curly cut, I do suggest going to someone who is curly-hair trained. And unless you happen to hit the jackpot and find someone who knows how to style wavy hair, know that there is a high likelihood you will likely end up styling your own hair before you leave the salon. Or at minimum walking the stylist through styling your hair. If you go to a salon that specializes in curls, you’ll have a much higher likelihood of getting someone who can style waves.

Wet cut done by Ebon at Babe Styling Studio

There’s also nothing wrong with going to different stylists to figure out if you like something better than the other. One of my favorite cuts so far has been a wet cut by a gentleman that does mostly kinky-coily hair. The only reason I haven’t stuck with him is because I’m trying to figure out if there’s a place that can teach me more about styling my hair- but I’m sure I will still end up going back to him- it was an affordable cut and it grew out beautifully. 

Things to Consider After a New Cut

1. How does it look and feel immediately?
2. How does it look and feel after 2 weeks? This comes into play since you would have had time to wash and style your hair by yourself to make sure you still like it and to give you hair a chance to get over any shock from the initial cut.
3. How well does it grow out?

If you happen to love the shape and texture you get with the same haircuts you’ve always gotten, stick with it! You are not a “bad curly” if it works for you, you are a lucky one that can spend less time and money in a salon chair.

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