Why’d you start a blog? You’ve always said ______.

Close up of Sana's face with straight hair

For those that know me personally, you may be surprised that I started a beauty blog. I’ve always said I’m not a writer. I’ve always said I’m awkward taking selfies. I’ve always said I have a bit of a complex about wanting to be liked for my brain before anything physical.

I’m WAY out of my comfort zone here, so don’t worry I’m surprised, too.

So why’d I do it? After digesting as much information as I could on caring for curls, I started an Instagram account as an easy way of sharing the products I was using with friends and family and with enough questions and requests, this seemed to be the easiest way to share information.  Especially on the cultural end of things, the curly hair movement is just now happening in Pakistan and India, which means that none of us were taught how to style curls growing up. We all knew how to keep our hair healthy, but since straight hair was the ideal no one taught us techniques for our curls. Straight hair (or mostly straight with 2″ curling iron curls) was how you looked nice for events.

(Photo credit: Moonloop Photography)

Why’d I chose to write if I don’t consider myself a writer? Because reading was my preferred way of digesting a lot of the information when I was learning it. It’s only logical that I provide information in that way as well.

I also should point out that Katie Madden of Balanced Breastfeeding gave me the final nudge I needed for this as well. When she asked me to do a mini-series for her it seemed logical to have a resource for some of the other questions that were likely to come up.

So there you go. I still feel awkward taking selfies, I still don’t consider writing my strongest skill- but I’m a helper by nature so here goes nothing.

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