Hair Dryer Hack

If you follow me on instagram, you know that majority of my posts are hash tagged with #airdried. With how long my hair takes to dry, I’d been eyeing up the Devacurl Diffuser thinking that if I could just dry my roots that it might speed up the overall drying process. I asked my sister to bring hers when we were going away for a weekend with my parents to see if I’d like it/confirm it would fit on my hair dryer. I’m so glad I did because it wouldn’t stay on my dryer! The nozzle of mine dryer is short and it kept popping off.

But overall, I liked the option of drying my roots a little without needing to diffuse my whole head, so I took to Amazon. I found a cheap version that still had that hand shape for less than $10- for that price it seemed worth trying to see if I could make it work with my dryer. When it arrived it was WAY too big for my diffuser, so here’s what I did to make it work!

Hair Dryer Hack Instructions

What you will need:
– Hair dryer/diffuser
– Busted bike inner tube (you can use a a new one as well, but if you know any avid bikers you can just grab a busted one off of them)
– Self healing cutting mat
– Razor blade of some sort (you can use scissors, but the tough rubber will wear them down very quickly)

Option 1- for if you want to be able to easily remove the diffuser to be able to use a different type of attachment or a different diffuser (a lot of people don’t like using the hand shaped one on their lengths)

Wrap a length of the tubing around the nozzle and cut accordingly. Then cut one more 1/2 inch piece of the tubing. Use the 1/2 inch piece as a rubber band to hold the longer piece in place. The longer piece will stretch a little as you secure it and the ends will overlap which is fine.

Option 2- for if you do not intend to switch attachments frequently OR if your attachment isn’t so big that it needs that much extra rubber to hold it in place

Cut multiple 1/2 inch pieces of tubing. Wrap them around the nozzle, layering them on top of each other, until you get the necessary width to hold your attachment in place.

Happy diffusing!

Edit 6/25/20: Since the video the Snozzle Pro has been released and I love it. It’s super easy and affordable. Great option if you don’t have a busted bike tire laying around.

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